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Brighton Fire walking festival


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28/07/03  we are now sorted, fest is on till 9pm! see you all there!

25/07/03  All isnt as bad as first thought, still waiting but our talks are getting somewhere! by the end of the day i will know the start and finish time for the festival, while im here , we still need volenters to help out on the day, so if you cant do the walk, you could still be a part of the festival! dont be shy!

24/07/03  Well there's one thing after another, who said this would be easy ay? well the firewalk cannot be held in the daylight, the council as yet will not move the time's back, so once again things are under discussion.

i will have updates from both council and Blaze tom, soooo watch this space again!

22/07/03  FIRE WALK TAKE'S PLACE!!!!!!! its all go!

We have full permission!!!!! the date : 6th Sept: the venue : the ellipse on Brighton sea front slap in the middle of the 2 piers!

that's the 6th of Sept at the ellipse out side the Gemini bar.

19/07/03   We are awaiting permition fromt the police, there has been some issue with the site and trubble there. but due to it being so far away i cant see it being a issue. also we are getting somewhere charity wise, having a talks with a childrens charity at the mo who do seem up for it! AT LAST!

the firewalk is now going to be in the daytime :@( dow!

16/07/03  The meeting went well, The new venue is "the ellips" wich is right on the beach frount, inbetween the two peir's, right out side the gemani bar! its a fantastic place to hold it, there will no longer be the B.A.S.S sound system.

the new dates aplyed for is aug 30th, all we are waiting for is the police to say  "YES" as there has been some trubble onsite the last few weeks. but i thik all is good to go, will keep you all posted!

08/07/03  No levell, i have a meeting with the council this friday to go over the detail's of how we can let the festival take place, its all a bit iffy right now so again, hang in there! wish us luck

24/06/03  We are undergoing permition for the Levell, the council have the preposal and will be getting back to us asap, watch this space!

23/06/03 ok, finding a new venue is now proving a task, I have made a few enq so all is not lost, hang in there. there is a whole bunch of supporter's for this event, it will come good!!!!! See you all soon, mj

19/06/03 due to a article printed the council have pulled my permission, I have a new venue under discussion but all looks ok for the go ahead, there will be new dates and times but this will mean we have a BIGGER AND BETTER event!