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Brighton Fire walking festival


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I wana walk over hot coals!!!!! And raise money for charity.

All you need to do is contact the event organizer at or call 07782301811

Please list your:




Contact number

Each fire walker on the day of the event will undergo a two and a half hour training session, where you will be wiped up in to a frenzy!!!! Im using a team of fire walkers who have been doing this for over 20 years with no injures, we are fully insured fully covered and fully licensed, Im first over so if I burn, you still have time to run!

You will need to raise a target of 100 pounds there will be a returnable deposit for which full recites will be given. (dept is to cover the cost per person to walk, it is 40)

You will not be able to drink or take any illegal drugs before the firewalk, what you do after; well thats none of my business

Remember we need 60 people, this is very very safe and for a good corse, have some guts and give it a go!